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Hai's Prawn Noodle

Serves 4 Persons

All You Need
1 box of Hai’s Singapore Prawn Noodle Sauce Kit. Includes: 1 sachet of Hai’s prawn noodle paste, 1 sachet of chilli powder, 1 sachet of onion oil
1200ml boiling water
500g yellow noodle (optional choice:  ramen, rice vermicelli or kway teow noodle)
300g fresh prawns
Bean sprouts, vegetables and fish cakes (appropriate amount)

Some Simple Steps

  1. Clean the prawns and remove the heads
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of oil in a heated pot and stir fry the prawn head until fragrant
  3. Add 1200ml of boiling water and Hai’s prawn noodle paste in the same pot
  4. Cook at low heat for 20 minutes and drain the soup
  5. Put the prawns in the soup and cook until done
  6. Remove and shell the prawns for use later
  7. Boil the yellow noodles, bean sprouts and vegetables.
  8. Slice the fish cakes.

How To Serve

Place the yellow noodles, bean sprouts and vegetables in a bowl
Pour the prawn soup over the noodles
Add prawns, fish cakes and a dash of onion oil
Add some chilli powder if you prefer it spicy, and enjoy a delicious bowl of Singapore Prawn Noodles.

Made From Fresh Ingredients
Prawn Noodle Paste

Garlic, shrimp paste, anchovies powder, shallot, vegetable oil (palm oil), rock sugar, water, soy sauce (soybean, flour, water, salt), pepper

Shallot Oil
Shallot & Vegetable Oil